Investor Relations

Nordavind, is the leading Norwegian based Nordic esports and gaming media organization, headquartered in the Barcode district of Oslo, Norway.

Today, Nordavind is the home of Nordic championship-caliber players and teams competing across several of the top esports titles around the globe. With a rich history of 20+ Norwegian Championship titles and World Championship medals in Hearthstone & Street Fighter, Nordavind is strategically placed as a leading brand at the intersection between esports, digital culture & new media entertainment.

Our business model is built on long-tail commercial partnerships, several brand licensing agreements, and growing revenues from league participation & media advertisement. The global esports market is a billion-dollar industry reaching millions of enthusiasts and with an expected CAGR of 24 % from 2020 – 2027, Nordavind is perfectly placed to both grow and capitalize on this potential.

For investor relations inquiries, please contact:

Stein Wilmann – COO –

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